Swisspearl is a non-combustible high-density fibre cement façade material from HVG Facades known for its quality as well as colour range that opens up unlimited design potential.

Recommended for recladding and rectification works that demand non-combustible products, Swisspearl is coloured through, impact resistant and durable, minimising maintenance over its lifetime. Ideal for the harsh Australian climate, the façade material delivers long-term performance and extensive design possibilities with perforations, different shapes and/or engravings.

The panels are installed as a rear-ventilated system providing a natural, energy efficient method.

Swisspearl offers sustainable advantages with 95 per cent of the product made up of natural raw materials.

Swisspearl non combustible façade material is available in a choice of 90 standard colours spanning 7 ranges; a custom colour matching service ensures limitless design possibilities.

HVG Facades stocks a wide range of colours locally.

Download the Swisspearl brochure for more information.