Easislip Premium from Okamoto is a range of marine grade extruded PVC available in clears and tints for use in blinds or boat applications.  

The marine grade extruded PVC clears and tints offer excellent results in outdoor living spaces as well as high optical clarity on boats. The high quality Japanese extruded PVC clears are world leaders in clarity, consistency and durability.  

Easislip Premium extruded PVC is available in Black, Smoke Bronze and Clear.  

Key features of Easislip Premium extruded PVC: 

  • UV-R block from 92% to 99% 
  • High shade factors on all tints and clears 
  • Minimal shrinkage with cold crack additives 
  • Marine grade for outstanding optical clarity 
  • Widths available from 120cm to 200cm in multiple thicknesses 
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Specifications and cleaning data sheets available 
  • UV-R Block: 99.74% 
  • Shade Factor: 94.9 
  • UPV Rating: 50+ 
Smoke Bronze 
  • UV-R Block: 98.269% 
  • Shade Factor: 70.34 
  • UPV Rating: 50+ 
  • UV-R Block: 92.19% 
  • Shade Factor: 34.02 
  • UPV Rating: 50+ 
Easislip Premium extruded PVC is distributed in Australia by HVG Decorative Fabrics and Films