HVG Decorative Fabrics and Films  has entered into a new partnership with leading international manufacturer RENOLIT to reintroduce the iconic RENOLIT SEAFLEX press polished PVC sheets to the Australian market.  

RENOLIT is a Germany-based, family-owned manufacturer of high-quality plastic films.  

According to Daniel Gollan, Business Manager, HVG Decorative Fabrics and Films, RENOLIT’s technology combined with HVG’s national network of sales specialists and warehouse locations will help the company establish RENOLIT SEAFLEX as the industry benchmark for boat canopies and various flexible glass applications in Australia.  

Used in marine window and flexible glass applications the world over, RENOLIT SEAFLEX is one of a range of new products to be distributed by HVG as the exclusive channel partner for RENOLIT in Australia.  

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of long-term outdoor use, RENOLIT SEAFLEX press polished PVC sheets feature a clear glass finish that does not shrink, crack or yellow in sunlight and can be welded, sewn or bonded to itself or other materials with ease.  

The partnership will also see the launch of RENOLIT’s RAINBOW range of films for stationary and promotional products. The environmentally friendly RENOLIT RAINBOW films offer a comprehensive selection of opaque colours as well as choice of different flexibilities, gauges and embossing.