The Halifax Vogel Group is specialised in the supply of signage, screen and display material and roll label materiel, such as tamper evident security film and thermal transfer printable film.

The sign, screen and display material supplied by the Halifax Vogel Group, include 3M fleet transit and marine vinyls, printing films, reflective and promotional films, adhesives, over laminates, display backing films, polycarbonates, substrates or PVC, magnetics, sign qualities and display stands and light panels, to name a few. Of these, special mention must be made of the reflective and promotional films supplied by the Halifax Vogel Group, which come in categories of fluorescent PVC, luminescent PVC and holographic or diffraction film.

The adhesives provided by the Halifax Vogel Group are available as transfer or double sided adhesives, spacer film, 3M VHB, adhesive and foam tapes and industrial aerosols, primers and cleansers. Over laminates are supplied by the Halifax Vogel Group in several categories such as, vinyl, polycarbonate, polyester, speciality and eco over laminates. The Halifax Vogel Group supplies substrates or PVC as rigid, expanded or foam PVC. Magnetic products supplied by the Halifax Vogel Group come as magnetic rolls, and special magnetic rolls used in hot foil printing, and magnetic patches.