Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd  presents Roberts Gordon infrared radiant heaters designed to warm people, floors and objects.

Roberts Gordon infrared radiant heaters are suitable for heating diverse environments from restaurants and cafes to aircraft hangars, workshops and livestock sheds.

The radiant heaters feature straight, U-tube or L configurations and are available in a broad range of burner sizes and tube lengths for use in restaurants and cafes. Most objects retain heat, so that less heat is lost over time leading to reduced recovery time and energy bills.

Roberts Gordon infrared radiant heaters are also suitable for efficiently heating large open areas used for sport, assemblies and examinations. The gas-fired, radiant heaters are ideal for locations such as aircraft hangars and workshops where they can be installed up to 25 metres high, saving valuable floor space and allowing for movement of large objects such as cranes below while keeping workers and their tools warm.

The radiant heaters are also ideal for livestock farming and agriculture where they can improve the welfare of the animal and reduce production losses. The gas heaters help to keep floors dry and create minimal dust movement, as they do not move or heat air.

Key benefits of Roberts Gordon infrared radiant heaters:
  • Aesthetically pleasing design fitting neatly with ceilings and architectural contours
  • Ability to vent to the outside
  • Fuel efficiency, quick heat recovery and low heating/ energy costs
  • Minimal dust movement as radiant heat does not move air
  • Quiet, comfortable, gentle and uniform heat
  • Controlled heating for different zone requirements with zone control units
  • Low emissions with clean burning natural or propane gas
  • Frees valuable space with low clearance to combustibles
  • Minimal maintenance requirement