Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd  offers a range of heating products to keep indoor and outdoor spaces warm and comfortable during winter.
Infrared heaters by Hurll Nu-Way (HNW) are ideal for offices, warehouses and hangars as well as all large draughty areas that are difficult to keep warm due to their expanse.
HNW offers high intensity infrared heaters as well as low intensity infrared heaters to suit specific requirements. For instance, outdoor cafés can be kept warm for guests with an infrared heater unobtrusively keeping the space comfortable even in freezing cold.
A highly efficient condensing boiler is recommended for the water heating system in small offices. Condensing boilers are strongly promoted in the UK, Canada and North America, and are designed to offer excellent energy efficiency.
Air handlers are designed to condition outside air, and recommended for more complex buildings with more sophisticated tasks. Air handling units are available in various options including packaged rooftop units, heat pumps and split systems.

HNW also offers compact oven gas burners for small bakeries.