Hitachi scroll air compressors deliver proven benefits such as space-saving form, user-friendly design, extended life, oil-free operation, and low noise and vibration.

Hitachi scroll compressors have one to four heads, depending on the size (2.2 kW to 22 kW). Each compressor head consists of an oil-free compression chamber with a scroll element generating compressed air. Even if one of the compressor heads is taken offline, the machine can still continue to operate with the remaining heads. Thanks to the innovative design, the scroll life is extended.

The Hitachi scroll compressor offers two modes of operation: standard pressure control (similar to conventional pressure switch) and multi-drive control mode. 

Under pressure switch control (P-mode), the compressor stops operating when the maximum pressure is reached, and restarts when the pressure drops to the specified Recovery Pressure. 

In multi-drive mode, the operation of the compressor heads is modulated automatically, matching air supply to the compressed air requirement. The delivery pressure is controlled by the number of working heads, eliminating the need to pressurise to the maximum pressure, and thereby saving energy. 

Key features of Hitachi scroll compressors include space-saving design that allows installation flush on back and right hand sides; easy operation with electronic control; extended service intervals and low lifecycle cost; low noise and vibration; oil-free operation for better air quality; suitable for ISO 14001 factories; and option of 1 MPa discharge pressure in select models.

Hitachi scroll air compressors are available in Australia from Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd