Hurlcon  offers different types of pool and spa heaters as well as pumps. Viron gas heaters employ revolutionary heating technology and offer several beneficial features such as reduction of greenhouse emissions, water consumption as well as saves considerable amount of energy in pool or spa. These gas heaters also provide affordable heating solutions.

MX gas heaters provided by Hurlcon incorporate features such as efficient operation, compact design and rapid heating. This gas heater comprises of Cupro nickel heat exchanger and digital thermostat. JX gas heaters from Hurlcon consist of features including LCD digital thermostat, thermoplastic inlet having size of about 40 millimetres, electronic ignition system and stainless steel flue terminal. These gas heaters have been specifically designed for courtyards and confined spaces.

DX heat pumps from Hurlcon provide cost effective electric heating option that functions similar to a reverse cycle air conditioners. These heat pumps have efficiency of about 500 percent and specifically designed for residential pools and spas.

Hurlcon provides Victoria pumps having stainless steel construction. These pumps have the capacity to retain solid particles with the aid of prefilter that ensures to prevent these solid particles from entering hydraulic system of the pump.