Hunza offers the NPS Spot, a tree mount lite that can be installed on a tree trunk using the tree mount kit. It is ideal for those who want to increase illumination in the higher parts of a canopy and those who wish to cross light onto other objects.

The kit consists of a mounting dome and 3 special 316 stainless steel lag bolts. These initially distance the dome 40mm out from the trunk. This ensures the tree can grow and won’t be harmed. In addition, a cable connection can be made at the rear of the dome.

Alternatively, this outdoor lighting system may be mounted with the Tree Mount Kit Rubber Strap. This includes a mounting dome and a 1m adjustable rubber strap, which expands as the tree grows.

It is suitable for use with aluminium, copper and 316 stainless steel luminaires.

Accessories for this outdoor lighting:

  • Glare Guard #GG
  • Hex Cell Louvre Adaptor Kit #HCL
  • Cable Joint Kit #CJK150
  • Frosted Lens #LENSSTEPF
  • HUNZA Tree Mount Adaptor #SSP/T
  • IR Lamp #/IRC
This outdoor lighting conforms to these standards: UL1838, IP66