Hume Internationale  was established in 1973.  Started as a firm engaged in import and wholesale of wall coverings, Hume Internationale, today, has a strong relationship with several overseas suppliers. This has also helped Hume Internationale in widening its product offerings. Hume Internationale is an importer and whole seller of wall coverings. Hume Internationale has tie up with overseas suppliers, which has made them establish well globally.

Hume Internationale’s convert designs from minds to walls. Hume Internationale is also the supplier of decorative products which adds color and fashion to homes, hotels and hospitals. Many retail shops have wall coverings to match modern style. Hume Internationale’s products are usually upto architects and designers expectations.

Hume Internationale’s decorative products are ideal for use in children's room. Hume Internationale's decorative ideas and plan include wall coverings with technologically advanced design not only with lot of colours and designs but also with various textures for feel and touch.

Crakgons are used to seal cracked wall and surfaces and are ideal for renovating purpose and stick-on. Crakgons are easy to stick, durable, fulfiling children's needs for many occasions. Some of their leading suppliers are Marburg, Gilford, Rasch, FII, Newmor etc.

Hume Internationale offers exclusive varieties of home decorative products including cartoon characters for children to teenagers, romantic designs for home, classic designs for commercial use and digital wall coverings. A wide range of graphics are also available.