Hume Internationale  is a leading supplier of wall coverings and decorative items. Hume offers wall coverings from overseas suppliers which can bring dreams to reality.

Hume Internationale offers wall coverings with paper- based vinyl covering, non-vinyl covering, fabric backed vinyl covering, and paper back. Textured designs on the wallcoverings, available in different patterns, give a unique feel to the design.

Hume Internationale’s crakgons, made of monofilament glass fibres, are meant to seal cracks on walls and surfaces due to aging effect of the paint film. Hume Internationale’s crakgons covers all the surfaces permanently and it also gives abrasion resistantance to surfaces. Hume Internationale’s crakgon is suitable for both interior and exterior wall surfaces.

The crakgons are chemical resistant, safe, dimensionally stable and durable. Crakgons are used to renovate  damaged surfaces. Crakgon's adhesion can stay upto 10-15 years. 
Another product of Hume Internationale is stickarounds which are ideal for decorating children's room. It can be easily sticked and removed without leaving mark on the walls. A wide range of designs and colours for perfect match is available.  Stickarounds comes in countless designs, with different cartoons characters etc. 

Borders and frieze shapes, foam covers accompany the stickaround perfectly for use in children's rooms.