Patent Décor, from Hume Internationale is a non-woven wall covering, providing an alternative to In-register wallpaper or fibreglass.

With over 100 designs, encompassing both modern and old time eras, this product offers a wide range of possibilities for the designer.

Included in this range are textured designs, borders, and dado patterns which are hung horizontally.

The non-woven material is stable, does not stretch or shrink and, therefore can be applied without soaking time. Small imperfections in the wall structure can be easily covered. Patent Décor can be dry stripped from the wall for re-decorating.

It can be painted in any colour, providing an ideal medium for traditional painting systems such as enamelling, marbleising, washing, dabbing, sprinkling or gilding. The walls become unique works of art.

Patent Décor is non-irritating, does not contain glass fibres, and is environmentally friendly. It allows for creative room composition in both commercial and retail areas.