Customers can earn more revenue by dividing under-utilised space with operable partitions. With different clients and functions in each room, businesses have the potential to make greater profits.

Series 5000 operable partitions, available from Hufcor , can create extra offices, meeting rooms, function rooms and dining areas within a short time.

Following are the benefits of the Series 5000 operable partitions:

  • Engineered to perform at heights up to 5m
  • Customise operable partitions with a wide array of decorative surfaces
  • Utilise partition space with chalkboards, pin boards or projection/writing surfaces
  • Extend or retract seals with one simple turn of operating handle; handle can be removed to prevent unauthorised panel movement.

Following are the features of the Series 5000 operable partitions:

  • Basic MDF face - Standard 75mm thickness for superior acoustic performance
  • Aluminium frames - Available in plain and colour anodising, and powder coating
  • Interlocking vertical stiles - Prevent sound leaks and align panels during set-up
  • Vertical edge trim - Provides face protection and durability (invisible on overlaying faces)
  • Fixed top sweeps - Retractable seals are required or optional on some models
  • Retractable seals - No dragging on floors or ceilings during movement; optimum sound control and panel stability when extended.

Series 5000 operable partitions are suitable for:

  • Schools
  • Office areas
  • Bars and clubs
  • Reception venues
  • Churches