The operable walls from Hufcor are well suited in terms of hotels and ballrooms, offices, schools and universities, restaurants and cafes, offers facilities with an emphasis on aesthetics. The operable wall series 8000 offered by Hufcor is 100 millimetre thick that offers extra sound reduction. The series 8000 are available in flexible, attractive designs. Operable partition decorative of Hufcor provides standard vinyl finishes, fabric, custom face finishes, veneer, chair rails, wood moulding, high pressure laminates, inset work surfaces.

The operable wall series 5000 are engineered to perform at heights up to five meters, utilise partition space with chalkboards, pin boards or projection or writing surfaces, helps to customise operable partitions with a wide array of decorative surfaces, extend or retract seals with one simple turn of operating handle. Handle can be removed to prevent unauthorised panel movement. Operable walls of Hufcor offers benefits such as movable, interlocking panels suspended from an overhead track system, can include pass-through doors for easy entry and exit, sound rated panels for effective sound control, blend with a room's aesthetics, similar to a permanent wall when extended, available in paired and individual (omni-directional) configurations.

Series 8000 operable walls are ideal for businesses and offices, reception centres, restaurants and cafes, schools, hotels. Series 5000 operable wall of Hufcor are well suited in terms of schools, churches, office areas, reception venues, bars and clubs.