HPM ’s XL770T and XL770TH light switches have built-in digital timers and are suitable for a variety of applications and environments, including homes, offices, galleries and retail outlets.

Using the XL770T’s comprehensive timer functions, lighting can be programmed to switch on in the evenings when traffic passing the premises is most frequent and off in the hours when no one is around. The switch can act as a security deterrent, effectively simulating a lived-in environment when premises are vacant. It can also be used as a convenient timed light switch.

The new, improved XL770T provides a host of 24/7 switching options with a comprehensive 56 on/off cycles programmable per week to choose from.

The XL770T and XL770TH can be used for switching incandescent, halogen or dichroic lamps and fan motors. The new 7VA minimum load enables it to switch fluorescent lights and low wattage long-life lamps.