HPM Legrand announces the introduction of its superior power protection offer, meeting the requirements of all electrical installations from residential load centres to more complex commercial applications with main switchboards.

Legrand’s residential circuit protection offer meets the needs of single or multi-dwelling applications, ensuring safe installation and simplifying wiring through pin or fork-type compatibility, large IP2X terminals and cable guide flaps. Circuit breakers can also be fed from the top or bottom for flexible installation. 

The Legrand power protection product range includes the 1 Module RCBOs (1P+N), saving critical space in load centres; modular control devices (contactors and analogue/digital time switches), contributing to better energy-savings; and consumer units and load centres (1 to 144P), ideal for housing for the residential circuit protection offer. They complement the core MCBs, RCCBs and main switches range.

Legrand’s commercial circuit protection offer provides clear solutions for switchboard builders, consultants and contractors through the easy integration of switchgear in distribution boards, superior technical performance and a full end-to-end solution. 


Main incomer ACBs have ratings up to 4000 A and 100kA breaking capacity. Available in fixed or draw-out versions, the ACBs are equipped with a user-friendly electronic protection unit including a battery backup, which enables saved settings to be viewed in the event of a power failure. The ACBs are compact in size and uniform in depth, allowing a quick and economical busbar arrangement. Assembled in Australia, with accessories fitted and tested, the ACBs are ready to connect and can be tailored to suit customers’ individual needs.


MCCBs come in thermal-magnetic or electronic versions and can handle applications up to 1600 A and 70kA breaking capacity. Two of the key frames (160 and 250A, in fixed or plug-in versions) are size optimised with the 160 frame 25 per cent smaller than its previous model. Both have the same depth, simplifying installation for switchboard builders. An optional built-in earth leakage module in the two frames offers RCBO protection adjustable from 30mA up to 3 A. The electronic version of the 250 A frame can integrate a multifunction meter, saving precious space in switchboards and reducing labour. RS485 communication options for both frames enable remote visualisation of the parameters and status of breakers on a Building Management System (BMS). A comprehensive range of quick-install electrical and mechanical accessories is available to complete the MCCB offer, including shunt trips, motor operators and modbus interface.

MCCB chassis distribution systems

Type-tested MCCB chassis distribution systems from 630 A up to 1600 A are capable of withstanding short-circuits up to 63 kA/1s, offering high performance. Hybrid versions and dual-feed connection enable flexible configuration and switchboard optimisation.

MCCB automatic transfer switches

MCCB automatic transfer switches up to 1600A are supplied with quick plug-in connectors for controllers and control panels, reducing installation times. Legrand’s automatic transfer switches are built and tested in-house to ensure high quality and performance.

Distribution boards

Distribution boards IP42 and 55 are fitted with MCB DIN chassis and 250A main switches, ensuring final distribution to the loads, and providing ample space for wiring and controls.

Modular circuit breakers

Modular circuit breakers range from 6 to 125 A in 10 kA breaking capacity, with the offer extending to high protection MCBs featuring breaking capacities up to 50 kA in a compact DIN frame format. The circuit breakers integrate phase barriers to prevent flashover and enhance terminals to address thermal effects on cables. 

Specifically designed for three-phase applications, the new Legrand 4P RCBOs up to 63A are available in single units, eliminating the need to juggle multiple devices and inter-connection wiring. The clip-on design of signalling and control auxiliaries simplifies maintenance and saves on installation times. The modular circuit protection and control devices range also includes RCCBs, main switches, contactors and time switches.

Energy and multi-function meters

Energy and multi-function meters, available in DIN rail or panel mounting versions feature superior technical performance through accuracy Class 1 and 0.5S, as well as harmonics up to order 63. The meters feature backlit LCD display screens and user-friendly navigation buttons for easy reading and editing. Optional plug-in modules for communication, I/O and temperature integrate with the BMS, enabling facility managers to make swift and informed decisions to improve energy efficiency.