Leading electrical industry supplier HPM Legrand has introduced a range of new products for residential, mobile dwelling and commercial installations. 

Legrand’s extended product line-up includes the Excel Life range featuring double powerpoints, a panel mount adaptor and insert modules, a fan controller and an insulating protective shroud; a new circular LED oyster light; an enclosure for NBN installations; and a new video door entry internal control unit.

Legrand Excel Life powerpoints

Designed for safety and ease of installation, Legrand’s two new double powerpoints include the Excel Life Double Pole powerpoint and the Excel Life Autoswitch powerpoint. Both power points are available in white and urban grey. 

The Double Pole 10A and the Double Pole 15A powerpoints are ideal for caravans and mobile homes. The 10A is available in a common and dedicated plate while the 15A comes in a common plate. Both units offer inline terminals for easier installation, a paint path to lessen damage to walls, and internal safety shutters.

Autoswitch powerpoints automatically switch the power off without the need for an on/off button to enhance safety. The double powerpoint, Autoswitch 10A includes an internal automatic switching mechanism that connects the socket to power when the pins engage to a safe point. It also features internal shutters for extra safety. The double powerpoint – Extra Safe Autoswitch 10A also features self-closing safety shutters for added protection to keep young inquisitive fingers safe.

Legrand Excel Life panel mount adaptors and insert modules

Designed for Excel Life mechanisms and sockets, the Excel Life panel mount adaptors are suitable for both single and double module inserts. The single adaptor accepts one 25x57mm insert while the double accepts two 25x57mm inserts or a single 50x57mm device. The adaptors are front mountable for easy installation. 

Legrand has also released Excel Life insert modules to complement the panel mount adaptors. Available in urban grey and white, the modules can be used with a common frame, cover and powerpoint mechanisms. 

Legrand Excel Life fan controller 100VA rotary 3 speed

The new Legrand Excel Life fan controller 100VA rotary 3 speed is a versatile, easy-to-install solution that can accommodate a maximum load of 100VA and is available in a single mechanism size, suitable for multi-gang plates. 

Legrand Excel Life insulating and protective shroud

The Excel Life insulating and protective shroud is compatible with Legrand Excel Life, Arteor and HPM Linea switches and powerpoints, offering installation versatility. Available only in black, the shroud has a front mounting design for easy installation and fits a 78x55mm opening. 

Legrand Circular LED oyster light 17W Cree

Designed for use in a kitchen, laundry, bedroom or living area, the circular LED oyster light 17W Cree is the latest general-purpose, high quality domestic oyster light from Legrand. Designed for wall or ceiling mounting, the new light is suitable for most domestic installations. The unit is fitted with long life Cree LEDs for excellent colour and to maximise energy savings. Its light output is approximately equal to that of a 100W GLS lamp. The 280mm diameter LED lights feature a white die-cast base with a choice of polycarbonate or glass visor, and are non-dimmable. 

Legrand enclosure for National Broadband Network (NBN)

Legrand has also released a surface metal enclosure for fibre-to-home installations. Fully compliant with NBN Co specifications, these enclosures include a door, double GPO and mounting tray for NBN Co devices. Designed with the end-user in mind, the enclosure provides space for additional equipment, and can also be flush-mounted using optional brackets to make the most of restricted areas.

Bticino Classe 100 video internal unit for door entry systems

Designed for comfort and security, Bticino’s Classe 100 video internal unit for door entry systems features a 3.5-inch colour display, ergonomic pushbuttons and easy-to-understand icons. Featuring two-wire technology, the 27mm slimline device can be wall mounted or rested on a table or benchtop to blend seamlessly into the home environment.