Leading electrical industry supplier HPM Technologies has announced a new range of products for domestic and commercial installations. 

HPM’s new releases include a range of multi-device USB charging solutions and a touch-free jet air hand dryer. 

HPM jet air hand dryers

HPM’s new touch-free hygienic hand dryer is designed to reduce user contamination, dries hands in less than 15 seconds, and is faster than conventional hand dryers that take 30-40 seconds. The jet air hand dryers feature sensors that detect the presence of hands and trigger the release of air. The dryer automatically switches off when the hands are removed. An in-built filter also cleans the air before it’s blown onto hands. The plug-in design allows easy installation in any project while its heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for use in public spaces, including hospitals, hotels, offices and shopping centres.

HPM USB charging solutions

Single adaptor with USB charger

Ideal for those who live life on-the-go, HPM’s single adaptor with USB charger is a user-friendly, convenient solution for charging multiple devices at once. Featuring a compact design, the adaptor offers two USB ports capable of charging up to two tablets at maximum speed simultaneously. Its maximum charging capacity is 4.2A.

Twin USB charging station with lead

Featuring a 1.5-metre lead, HPM’s single adaptor with USB charger is the ideal charger, especially when powerpoints are difficult to reach. The charger can be plugged in and placed on an easy-to-reach surface such as a bedside table or desk. Offering a maximum charging capacity of 4.2A, the adaptor’s two USB ports can charge up to two tablets at maximum speed simultaneously. 

HPM 10A power centre with RCBO protection and 4.2A USB charging capacity

Tough and mobile, the HPM10A power centre is ideal for construction sites and workshops. In addition to two powerpoints, it has two USB ports for simultaneously charging up to two tablets at maximum speed. Designed with safety in mind, the unit has built-in RCBO protection: a residual current device (RCD) provides fast power cut to reduce electrocution while a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) protects the power centre from damage under overload conditions. The unit also features double pole shuttered outlets for extra safety and has an orange 1.8-metre heavy-duty lead for high visibility. The unit is compliant with AS/NZS3012, has an IP33 rating and comes with a two-year warranty.