Paul Townsend and his wife Judie opened The Digimen printing shop in Townsville 10 years ago in a single-front store on the main street. Now in 2011, The Digimen occupies 3 shop fronts and features one of HP's Scitex FB500 robust combo flatbed printers, so that it can deliver full design, print production and signage installation services to the local area.

Mr Townsend explains his selection of the HP Scitex FB500 flatbed printer; “We predominantly do work for local businesses (retail, tourism) as well as the mining companies, and as the town has grown so has demand for our services. We realised we needed to upgrade our print capabilities so we could handle the larger workload and still have excess capacity to grow.”

“We produce a great variety of work and need a printer that enables us to print everything from car bumper stickers and retail signage to large format outdoor banners and construction hoardings. The HP Scitex FB500 is the ideal machine because it can handle anything we throw at it,” adds Mr Townsend.

Before deciding on this machine Paul looked at various printing options on the market, but couldn’t go wrong with the HP Scitex FB500 – “it’s robust, reliable, fast, prints at high quality, is cost competitive and easy to operate. And because of its size, capacity and flexibility it has enabled us to produce work at the industrial end of the market where runs are longer and that has given us opportunities for new business."

HP Scitex FB500 flatbed printers have the capacity to print on any rigid or flexible substrate with solid ink coverage attainable even on corrugated materials. With a robust 1.6 metre design, they are a reliable printing solution for any application, even soundproofed wall sheets for a local recording studio. In addition, the speed means last minute jobs that require fast turnarounds are now possible. 

Mr Townsend concludes; “Reliability of equipment is crucial especially when you are not located in a capital city. We’ve got great confidence in the reliability of this robust machine, but if anything went wrong we have HP services to back us up.”