Leading Perth-based wide format printing company, Spice Digital Imaging has become the first Australian company to install the new super-wide HP Designjet L28500 printer with HP latex ink from HP.

Spice Digital Imaging already uses two HP Designjet L25500 printers in their operations. Managing Director Andy Hannington says the installation of a third HP latex ink printer builds on the company’s success with the HP Latex Ink platform delivering a wider format that will enable Spice Digital Imaging to expand its solvent-free offer.

Hannington explains that they stopped using solvent printers two years ago when they installed the first of the two HP Designjet latex ink printers. Spice Digital Imaging chose the new HP Designjet L28500 when they needed a wider format printer. The 2.64m super-wide HP Designjet L28500 wide format printers with HP Latex Ink were released in November 2011.  

The latest printer was bought through HP Channel Partner Artref without anyone from Spice Digital Imaging checking out the machine first as the company was confident of HP’s latex ink technology. Hannington explains that the latex ink printers tick all the boxes from an environmental perspective, are cost effective to operate and produce high quality results.

The company’s relationship with Artref also influenced their decision to purchase the printer because of the high level of service and support provided.

Spice Digital Imaging specialises in wide format printing, predominantly servicing the retail sector, working with interior designers and architects on shop fitouts. It also produces customised wallpapers, display systems, POS products and a large range of general signage for both indoor and outdoor applications.

According to Hannington, the wide format HP Designjet L28500 fills the gap between the 1.6m HP Designjet L25500 printers and an older 2.1m flatbed machine, which has been decommissioned.

Installed towards the end of February, the HP Designjet L28500 is currently being used to print a large volume of PVC banners. Hannington intends to use the printer to expand their textiles range and undertake many other projects that can now be done thanks to its wide format capabilities.

The environmental benefit of the HP Latex Ink platform is also working in their favour as it offers a definite advantage to customers. Hannington says that the HP PVC-free wallpaper printed with HP latex inks is GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified.

The environmental benefit of the HP latex ink printer helps Spice Digital Imaging demonstrate their green credentials, not only winning new business but also improving their own working environment.