HP presents a new range of solutions in its large format portfolio to enable print service providers (PSPs) capture a larger share of the digital sign and display market opportunity while broadening application versatility and improving productivity.

Christopher Morgan, senior vice president, Graphics Solutions Business, HP explains that their customers’ ability to capture high-value pages and grow their businesses using HP’s sign and display systems is a core focus of product development.

HP’s new large format solutions include:

  • HP FB225 White Scitex Ink and HP Scitex FB7500/FB7600 White Ink Kit deliver high-opacity prints with white inks and rich, saturated colours
  • HP SmartStream Production Analyzer for HP Scitex, the complete data analysis and operations monitoring software available for large-format PSPs
  • Hostert automatic loader and support of 130 gsm thin media for the HP Scitex FB7600 industrial press

The new solutions position HP and its customers to take advantage of the 6.2 billion square metre opportunity in the sign and display industry, where only 38% of materials are now printed digitally. PSPs can especially focus on the digitally printed retail and point-of-purchase signage, where 85% of pages are printed on analogue and screen equipment. Corrugated packaging represents another growth opportunity with an addressable market of 6 billion square metres for digital printers.

Driving new business opportunities with white inks

The new HP FB225 White Scitex Ink is designed to work with HP FB225 process colour Scitex inks and HP Scitex FB7500 and FB7600 industrial presses. Suitable for a wide range of applications including backlit signage, window displays and short-run corrugated packaging, the white ink integrates seamlessly with the full set of process colours to produce durable, rich, saturated colour on clear or coloured materials.

Advantages of white inks also include reduced labour and prepress costs compared to analogue solutions as well as improved efficiency with precise white-to-CMYK registration. The HP Scitex FB7500/FB7600 White Ink Kit also enables existing HP Scitex FB7500 and FB7600 industrial press customers to expand their offerings and create business opportunities by offering new, high-value white ink applications.

Real-time monitoring and data analysis with HP SmartStream

HP SmartStream Production Analyzer for HP Scitex is an easy-to-use, cloud based tool ideal for medium to large PSPs seeking to improve production efficiency with automated data analysis and 24/7 visibility to gaps and trends in operations.

Compatible with HP Scitex TJ8350, TJ8550, FB7600, FB7500, XP2300, XP5300, XP5500 and XP2500 industrial printers and presses that have HP Scitex Print Care installed, HP SmartStream Production Analyzer offers a complete view of HP solutions in the print shop, including:

  • Current and historical reports on presses, operators and shifts, such as ink and media consumption
  • Web-based dashboard view providing real-time information on each machine’s operation
  • Monitoring of production operations virtually anytime, anywhere with a cloud-based tool that sends event reports by email or SMS to mobile devices

Enhanced productivity with comprehensive workflow solutions

HP is expanding its portfolio of comprehensive workflow solutions that increase efficiency for large-format customers from media loading through production and finishing.

A partner solution developed for the HP Scitex FB7600 and FB7500 industrial presses, the Hostert automatic loader allows high-volume print shops producing long repeating runs to reduce production costs, improve turnaround time and create an automatic working environment with stack-to-stack operation.

Key benefits of the new automatic media loader include improved production flexibility through better distribution of resources, reduced labour costs, enhanced media versatility, improved productivity and faster turnaround times.