HP introduces a new enhanced line of HP Indigo digital presses with improved productivity and application capabilities, making digital colour printing even more cost-effective and efficient than analogue offset production for print service providers (PSPs).

According to Christopher Morgan, senior vice president, Graphics Solutions Business, HP, the HP Indigo digital print volume is the fastest growing segment of business for many customers, adding that the new HP Indigo 10000 digital press has been introduced in response to a long-standing need for a B2-size, true offset-quality digital press.

The new Indigo 5600 and 7600 models will allow customers to add more value to their offerings.

HP’s new digital printing technologies include:

  • HP Indigo 10000 offset-quality digital press in a B2 size format (750mm x 530mm)
  • HP Indigo 7600 and 5600 models for greater versatility and productivity, and improved automation
  • New production workflow and management tools to help PSPs profitably produce the growing number of increasingly complex jobs

HP Indigo 10000 digital press

The HP Indigo 10000 digital press brings true offset quality digital printing in a B2 format to support more than 98% of commercial printing jobs. The digital press combines format-driven efficiency and high productivity to help PSPs transition more work from offset to digital printing.

Key features of the HP Indigo 10000:

  • Prints 3,450 sheets per hour in standard production mode
  • 33% faster throughput of 4,600 colour sheets per hour using unique Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM)
  • Supports monthly production volumes of up to 2 million sheets
  • Supports media in the 75-450 micron/3-18 points thickness range
  • Up to seven colour stations for extended ink sets and true PANTONE-licensed spot colour printing
  • Press paper feeding system has a 1m pallet feeder and two 7,500-sheet capacity drawer feeders
  • Closed-loop quality control systems include registration cameras, in-line spectrophotometer and HP Vision System technology
  • Highly automated replacement systems for blankets and photo imaging plates

HP Indigo 7600 digital press

Featuring higher productivity, increased automation and greater flexibility, the new HP Indigo 7600 digital press introduces unique high-value effects that help PSPs create value addition for invitations, greeting cards, luxury product brochures and other print materials.

Key features of HP Indigo 7600 digital press:

  • Prints 120 A4/letter-size pages per minute in standard production mode
  • 33% faster throughput of 160 pages per minute using EPM
  • Raised print up to 50 microns from the sheet, using multiple layers of ink
  • Textured effect embossing or debossing with a mould created digitally on the press in less than 3 minutes
  • Digital watermarking for increased document security
  • 2,500+ coated, uncoated and speciality media certified for use
  • Intelligent automation features in standard HP PrintCare diagnostic tools and optional HP Automatic Alert Agent
  • All new features field upgradable as options to existing HP Indigo 7000 and 7500 model presses

HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press

Built on the highly successful HP Indigo 5500 digital press, the HP Indigo 5600 is designed for great application versatility enabling PSPs to enter new market segments such as security printing, greeting cards and static-cling window signage.

Key features of HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press:

  • Runs at 68 A4/letter-size ppm (two-up) in standard colour mode, 136 ppm for two-colour jobs and 272 ppm for mono jobs
  • Colour printing at 90 ppm with EPM
  • Optional ‘One Shot’ printing mode enables customers to take up split-core cards and graphic overlay jobs on synthetic substrates
  • New red-fluorescing invisible ink allows security-printing applications such as ID cards, tickets and high-value coupons
  • White ink option and upgraded media sensors on the press allow full-colour printing on black and fully transparent substrates
  • White ink feature when combined with Color-Logic software produces metallic effects
  • New features are field upgradable as an option for HP Indigo 5500 presses

HP SmartStream solutions

HP also unveiled workflow solutions for HP Indigo presses that streamline image processing and production floor management.

HP SmartStream workflow solutions include: 

  • HP SmartStream Production Center, a new production management system that addresses the challenges of producing high volumes of short run jobs, reducing turnaround time and increasing profitability
  • HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server offers a web-based user interface supporting complex print server tasks
  • New versions of the HP SmartStream Director web-to-print solution, HP SmartStream Designer variable-data design and impositioning software, and the HP SmartStream Production Analyzer press monitoring solution