Group Momentum has purchased a new HP Indigo 7500 digital press from HP with the intent to make a more aggressive push into the traditional offset printing space.  

David Minnett, Managing Director, Group Momentum in Sydney says that the lower cost of production for longer runs is one of the most significant benefits of the HP digital press.  

The high throughput speed and reduced labour costs of the HP Indigo 7500 dramatically closes the gap between digital printing and analogue printing.  

He adds that the HP Indigo 7500 helps them target longer printing runs competitively.  

Minnett has always felt that the quality of output from the HP Indigo printers is superior to any other digital printing device on the market.  

According to him, Indigo offers that true offset quality while other options on the market cannot rival Indigo in terms of substrate flexibility or true ink on paper feel.  

The new HP Indigo 7500 digital press has replaced an HP Indigo 5500 at Group Momentum.  

The new press will be used to print everything from annual reports to marketing collateral and web-to-print work, one of the growth areas for the company.  

Minnett says that web-to-print work has increased in volume and is definitely a growth area that they will continue to develop.  

In business since 1976, Group Momentum has evolved from a pre-press house into one of the leading digital communications companies in Australia.  

Minnett concludes by saying that the HP Indigo 7500 provides the versatility and quality that enables them to offer their clients innovative, high quality, cost-effective digital printing solutions to meet their communications needs.