According to a recent survey, HP Indigo digital printing offers better print quality and all-important “shelf impact” for marketers over conventional, analogue flexography packaging.

During the PACK EXPO Chicago in November 2010, 229 show attendees participated in the “Design Challenge” survey, evaluating a pair of four-colour labels with identical graphics. One was printed on a narrow-web flexographic press and the other printed on an HP Indigo digital press. Eighty-four percent of survey participants stated the HP Indigo-printed label provided greater shelf impact, while 82 percent said the HP Indigo-printed label had higher print quality.

Jan Riecher, Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Solutions Business – Americas, HP, commented, “Digital printing has long provided brand owners with supply-chain and multiple-SKU management advantages compared to analogue. This survey shows how HP Indigo digital printing can also offer greater shelf impact and sell-through in consumer product packaging.”

Survey participants were a mixture of packaging industry professionals attending the tradeshow and they repeatedly used terms such as “vibrant,” “eye catching,” and “vivid” to describe their impressions of the HP Indigo-printed label.

The two labels judged in the survey were beverage labels applied to bottles. Neither label had markings to indicate the printing method used, and Doyle researchers rotated the order of the bottles presented in surveys to prevent order bias.

Doyle Research placed the bottles in a light box for better viewing conditions and survey participants also had the option of viewing the labels through a loupe. HP’s logo or branding was not present in the Design Challenge survey space, and HP’s exhibit at PACK EXPO was on another floor at the tradeshow.

Hamilton, Ohio, converting firm Innovative Labeling Solutions produced both labels on white BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) film, with UV gloss varnish applied after printing.
HP Indigo is a digital label and packaging press solution, helping converters and brand owners achieve fast time-to-market, affordable multi-SKU management and cost-effective supply chains for pressure-sensitive labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, shrink sleeves and in-mold labels.

Converters can meet their customers’ demanding brand colour requirements using HP Indigo print presses as they offer an extensive range of PANTONE-licensed colour offerings, including true PANTONE-licensed spot-colour inks and four-, six- and seven-colour PANTONE-licensed spot colour emulation.

More information about HP Indigo digital label and packaging printing presses is available from the HP website.