Printers are essential components of any design office. From plans and technical drawings to stunning, presentation-ready renders, large format printers are critical to ensuring a smooth design process and can spell the difference between a project’s failure and success. In light of this, the importance of selecting the most appropriate printer for a practice’s needs cannot be overstated.

In their new whitepaper, An architect’s guide to selecting the right printer, printer and technology experts HP outline the key considerations that architects must bear in mind when selecting a printer for their office.

The whitepaper breaks selection criteria into four main categories: performance, ease of use, security, and cost. It examines each category closely, equipping architects with the technical terminology and information that they need to make an informed choice about printer specification. In the “performance” section, for example, it explains key terms including IPM, PPM, line accuracy, and guaranteed minimum line width. To conclude, the whitepaper presents a number of high quality, large format printers well suited to the demands of contemporary architecture offices. 

For more than 30 years, HP has been one of the world’s most widely used and trusted printer brands. Its reputation for fast, reliable, and easy to use printers is unmatched, and is bolstered by a genuine ability to streamline workflows and produce prints of outstanding quality.

To learn more about best practice for large format printer specification, download An architect’s guide to selecting the right printer.