House of Bamboo offers their range of bamboo shade canopies with options of retractable and non-retractable outdoor shade covers.

House of Bamboo specialises in providing quality bamboo products that are sustainable and friendly to the environment. Their outdoor shade canopies of natural materials are well suited in gardens landscapes and provide a relaxed and casual atmosphere in the outdoor space.

Non-retractable bamboo shades are created with the Natureed scalloped over beams or bamboo rods. They can be positioned, either suspended or cantilevered, over any chosen outdoor area. These areas can include the eating space, outdoor lounge or over the pool.

For retractable bamboo shades, House of Bamboo offers the Natureed Slide-a-shade canopies. It provides the option of shade or sun in the outdoor area depending on weather conditions. Retractable outdoor coverings are ideal for small courtyards, decks and pool areas and many other outdoor applications.

The retractable bamboo outdoor coverings utilises Natureed rolls that can extend across bamboo or metal supports to give a scalloped shade canopy. The canopies are supported on wires that smoothly retract when needed.  The Natureed Slide-a-shade canopies are available in ready-made sizes but can be custom made when requested.

For more information on House of Bamboo’s range of bamboo shade canopies and outdoor coverings, visit their website.