Now available from Sperian and designed to be set up quickly and easily, the Miller Huntsman Rescue Kit is personal protective equipment that saves valuable time in the event of rescue and retrieval operations.

Complete with a sturdy 8mm Kernmantle rope and compact blocks, the Miller Huntsman Rescue Kit is compact and lightweight, and features a unique block and tackle design with a ratio of 4.1 or 5.1 for easy recovery.

To enable rescuers to hook onto the suspended person’s fall arrest D-ring during rescue operations, the Miller Huntsman Rescue Kit also includes a rigid telescopic pole, which can be extended to a maximum length of 3.6m and requires no assembly.

For a secure connection, the Miller Huntsman Rescue Kit also features triple acting karabiners and two tie-off connectors. It also comes complete with a compact carry bag for easy transportation.

Rescue operations using the Miller Huntsman Rescue Kit can be undertaken by a single person; however Miller by Sperian always recommends that assistance be sought from a second person where possible.

The Huntsman’s Rescue Kit is available in a variety of rope lengths to suit specific needs.