Now available from personal protective equipment specialists, Sperian , 870 Series and 880 Series Klip Lift filter lens eyewear are lifting the standard of safety eyewear.

Designed for easy attachment to safety glasses or hardhats, Sperian Lift Front filter lenses provide fast and convenient vision enhancement for a wide range of industries, from furnace work right through to welding.

By using an integral spring clip to hold the lenses in place instead of screws, fasteners or tools, Sperian Lift Front filter lenses can move through a full 180º arc, allowing the filter lenses to be quickly flipped down for observing a melt or a weld and flipped up again when not needed.

The 870 Series Klip Lift is suitable to be worn with existing polycarbonate safety eyewear, and is ideal for converting safety glasses into furnace or laboratory specs. The 870 Series Klip Lift is available in green welding shades four, five, six and, eight, as well as cobalt blue shades six and eight.

For working environments that require the use of a hardhat, the 880 Series Klip Lift will quickly clip onto the brim, and can also be worn in conjunction with safety eyewear. Ideal for welding and steel cutting facilities, the 880 Series Klip Lift is available in the same welding shades as the 870 Series, with the addition of cobalt blue shades three and four.

Both the 870 Series and 880 Series of Sperian Klip Lift filter lenses are available in a full or a half lens.