Bacou- Dalloz Australian  provides new technology devices for hearing protection, which includes Howard Leight earplugs and Bilsom earmuffs. Bacou Dalloz Australian has a wide range of hearing devices starting from attenuating earplugs to even sound management devices.

Howard Leight earmuffs is a common choice because of its shape, size, affordability and comfort of use in any environment. Bilsom earmuffs are more sophisticated in terms of both design and comfort.

Bacou-Dalloz ensures to provide eye safety by manufacturing various eye protection devices like Pulsafe, Glendale and Optrale. Pulsafe is lightweight and comfortable to use on a daily basis. Glendale made of polymer and glass filter lasers, finds applications in military, medical and industrial places.

Respiratory protection is assured with the usage of Air Purifying Respirators, Power Air Purifying respirators and Supplied Air respirators along with gas detectors.

Different products designed by Bacou-Dalloz like Willson gives protection against particulate matter. Biosystems include gas detection products ensuring safety to workers in hazardous environments.

The gloves produced by Bacou–Dalloz for body protection are lightweight, flame resistant, cut resistant and abrasion resistant. The gloves can be used comfortably in any work place. Chainmesh gloves find suitable application in meat processing industry while Eletrosoft insulating gloves are intended to be used for electrical work.

Many fall protection devices like Miller, Soll and Antec function as fall arrest and rescue equipment. All these products are efficient as well as cost effective.