RailGliders inclined lifts from Homelift Elevators represent a quantum leap in inclined lift technology. They are fast, quiet, safe, multi-directional inclined lifts, which adhere to the contours of the land. They can swerve to avoid trees and buildings and are suitable for most sites.

RailGliders inclined lifts are custom designed, with dual-track or mono-track models available. They are suitable foe installation in homes, hotels, resorts or any hillside development. Vibration and noise levels are low because RailGlider inclined lifts use a 'state-of-the-art' remote winch system in an enclosure at the top of the rail.

RailGlider is a true self levelling system, able to transition from very steep to shallow gradients, unlike an inclinator. This keeps the car closer to the ground and greatly increases the planning options.

The RailGlider inclined lifts do not require a deep pit at the bottom station and they are capable of fast safe speeds.