If stairs are a problem, Duet is an affordable, compact and elegant home lift solution. In fact it is only the size of a phone booth. It can carry two people at a time in comfort and total safety and can be installed in the bedroom, study, living room or wherever.

Duet home lifts have no lift shaft and add value to the family home. They are almost invisible and a joy to use. They are inexpensive to run and maintain and their Fail-safe features are backed by Homelift Elevators ' reputation. Options available with Duet home lifts include custom finishes, custom grab rails, folding seat, and remote monitoring.

Technical Notes for Duet home lifts:

  • A Roped drum, braked gear motor drive
  • 0.50 Kw consumption
  • Speed of 0.15 metres per second
  • Has Compliance to AS 1735 Part 15
  • A 240 V AC power supply
  • Maximum load of170 kg
Safety Features of Duet home lifts:
  • ‘Hold to Run’ Control
  • Obstacle sensing covers
  • Standby power supply to lower the lift
  • A Full height light curtain
  • Over speed detection