A decorative concrete mix from Geostone was featured on the popular Channel 9 show, The Block as part of the ‘Backyard Week’ episode. Half Moon (Victoria) Exposed mix featured in the programme is one of Geostone’s exposed aggregate products.

The Block team poured the Half Moon (Victoria) Exposed mix to achieve a classic ‘salt and pepper' look on their driveway. Natural stone in the Geostone aggregate provides driveways the strength and durability to withstand the harsh Australian climate. The bold look of a Geostone surface makes a clear design statement too.

The Block team described the Geostone exposed concrete driveway product as ‘the best on the market’, with advantages including durability and skid resistance.

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The Half Moon decorative concrete mix featured here is only available in Victoria as it incorporates local stones sourced from the area.

Non-Victoria buyers can explore the Half Moon ‘Similar Products’ page and use the filters to find a lookalike product in their area.

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