A lifter feature supplied by HLS Healthcare above every patient bed is part of the room design at the upcoming Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Designed for the 21st century, the patient rooms at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital have been planned around the needs of the patient and reflect international best practice in hospital design. Patients can expect a greater level of privacy, comfort and infection control at the new hospital.

All 700 inpatient beds at the Royal Adelaide Hospital including 600 inpatient beds, 60 ICU beds and 40 mental health beds are in single rooms, each with an ensuite shower and toilet.

Key features of the inpatient rooms include openable windows (restricted to 12cm for safety) to allow access to fresh air; views of surrounding parklands or gardens, and window sills low enough to maximise views from the bedside; lounges that convert into beds for overnight stays if required; and larger rooms to enable treatment and rehabilitation, minimising the need for patients to be moved around the hospital.

The 60 single intensive care rooms (including cardiothoracic ICU rooms) feature interlocking doors and windows between adjoining bedrooms to allow staff members to assist in the immediately adjacent bedroom if required; and lifter equipment from HLS above every bed to mechanically lift patients when required.