A highlight of the ACSA/IAHSA Joint International Conference was a presentation on the ‘nursing home of the future’ that revealed how technology and public spaces were used to revolutionise the concept of an aged care facility.

The state-of-the-art facility in Aalborg, Denmark consists of 75 apartments, a medical and dental clinic, a fitness centre, several themed rooms, and a public restaurant. Thomas Norkaer, head of design in the Aalborg Care Consortium and the design lead for the project, explained that the home was divided into public areas, semi-public rooms and private spaces.

To encourage interaction between residents of the facility and the larger community, a public restaurant has been set up within the home while seniors from the local Aalborg community are granted free access to the facility’s fitness area and activities.

A ‘living lab’ provides a meeting place for residents, university researchers and technology companies to trial new technologies including a physical rehabilitation robot and a mobility monitoring system, which aims to prevent residents from developing pressure ulcers. Technologies currently in use in the home include ceiling lift systems, adjustable bathroom sinks and sensor floors that sound an alarm when a resident falls or has not returned to their bed.

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