HLS Healthcare announces the availability of a new electrically operated patient turning system designed and manufactured in Denmark.

A fully automatic turning sheet, the new electrically operated VENDLET system is designed to replace the practice of manual turning and repositioning of patients in bed, which represents a high-risk occupational activity crippling nurses and caregivers around the world. VENDLET patient positioning systems eliminate strain and potential injuries to caregivers when lifting or moving patients in bed by gently repositioning the patient at the touch of a button.

Meeting modern-day requirements for quality, safety and efficiency in patient care, VENDLET can be easily attached to the frame of most healthcare and hospital beds and will not affect the other functions of the bed. VENDLET can also be used with pressure care mattresses as well as for incontinent patients.

The VENDLET patient positioning system is available in a 200kg capacity for regular patients and a 400kg capacity for bariatric patients.

VENDLET V5 patient positioning systems eliminate manual patient lifting practices, reducing physical strain and risk of injury to caregivers. An electric turn sheet, VENDLET is the only turning system operated by a hand control. The patient is turned in a dignified and comfortable way while the nursing staff benefits from minimal loads and optimum postures.

VENDLET V5 patient turning systems are easy to mount on beds and are ideal for turning patients, moving them from one side of the bed to the other; repositioning the patient up in the bed; and transferring the patient from one bed to another.