Historical Timber Floors offers hardwood floors made using weathered teak sourced and recycled from old Indonesian fishing boats.

Categorised as Nautical, Original Boats & Doors, these hardwood floorboards are made from teakwood, one of the best known hardwood timbers and, given its resistance to water, a popular choice for fishing boats in the tropical islands of Indonesia.

When repairs become too expensive, these boats are often burned as cooking fuel. Historical Timber Floors believes reclaiming this boat wood would provide better returns to these fishermen, save the precious timber for another use, and give its new owner the opportunity to enjoy the brightly coloured memories of its past.

The floor planks, which still carry paint marks from their former life, have a rustic and colourful appearance with the distinctive look giving the impression of unpolished mosaic.

The recycled timber flooring planks measure 70mm to 230mm wide, and come in up to 2.5m lengths.