Timber flooring specialist Historical Timber Floors specialises in giving new life to reclaimed timber, sourced from old bridges, piers, wharfs, doors and posts among many others. The company is passionate about finding rare old-growth timber marked by the past and giving it a more contemporary application.

Why reclaimed timbers?


According to Historical Timber Floors, reclaimed timbers have a past, having lived a previous life in various forms. Worn by the wind, sun and rain, they bring a sense of place and time that is missing from contemporary farmed wood.


Reclaimed timbers have a story to tell about a life fully lived; cracked by age and use, with subtle markings from old pier and bridge bolts, these reclaimed timbers have a natural look and unrefined beauty that cannot be replicated. Historical Timber Floors uses a detailed manufacturing process to transform this timber into a functional and lasting product, giving Australian wharfs and bridges, Chinese doors, and other reclaimed hardwoods a whole new innings.

Strong and durable

These timbers originally came from old-growth forest trees, which were often used to build structures a century or more ago. Given the length of their growth life and the tightness of their grain, these old-growth timbers offer a level of durability that cannot be achieved by contemporary farmed wood. Reclaimed timber has had the time to settle, expanding and contracting into a permanent form, leading to notably more stable timber.

Environmental benefits 

Unlike modern farmed wood that needs to be cut down, reclaimed timbers offer an eco-friendly option that not only minimises the user’s carbon footprint by reusing timber that was cut down decades ago but also prevents the old timbers from ending up in a landfill by repurposing reclaimed timbers. Did you know using reclaimed timber could assist with qualifying for LEED certification?

Low maintenance

Reclaimed timbers are strong and beautiful, having weathered years of use and developing a rustic look that is pre-worn and enjoyed for its unique marks and dents. Reclaimed timber floors are also easy to maintain.

Unique and limited

Each hardwood collection is available in limited supply, based on what can be salvaged from the original source. Contact Historical Timber Floors to find out how much reclaimed timber is left in each of their current reclaimed hardwood collections.