Sydney design professionals were formally introduced to a brand new product from CSR Ceilector Ceiling Solutions at the Danish Trade Consulate in the city. The new Troldtekt Wood Wool ceiling and wall panel is the latest interior product from CSR Ceilector Ceiling Solutions for residential and commercial projects.

The innovative breakfast launch saw Troldtekt panels in a complete installation inside the Consulate office, allowing all attendees to view the new product in an actual application. The visitors were also treated to a striking artwork created by Danish artist Mika Utzon Popov, who played on the natural elements of the product by creating a continuous tree branch that ran across six 1200x600mm Troldtekt panels in Ultra Fine structure.

A sustainable and high performance Wood Wool ceiling and wall panel product manufactured in Denmark out of recycled materials such as wood and cement, Troldtekt delivers both durability and acoustic performance, with an impact resistance of 81km/h and ability to achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 1.

Design professionals will be interested to know that Troldtekt panels can be installed in their natural state or painted any RAL colour of choice prior to installation simply using a paint sprayer. This highly versatile product can be used in both ceiling and wall applications and is easily installed by direct-fix technique using concealed screws or simply laid into a standard ceiling grid.

Troldtekt is available in four different sized structures, Extreme Fine (0.5mm), Ultra Fine (1mm), Fine (1.5mm) and Coarse (3mm).