Ecophon Master Rigid ceiling systems are a range of acoustic ceilings suitable for creating quality educational environments.

Learning environments are acoustically demanding spaces with their multi-activity use ranging from traditional teacher-led classes to group work requiring different acoustic conditions. In addition, the ceiling sometimes receives intentional or unintentional physical impact.

Designed for demanding school environments, Ecophon Master Rigid acoustic ceilings are ingeniously designed to enable flexible solutions tailored to specific classroom needs. Built for impact resistance, the Master Rigid tiles are secured in the grid system but remain demountable from below. The new reinforced Akutex FT is a stronger surface for learning environments with an immaculate aesthetic appearance.

Ecophon Master Rigid acoustic ceilings also deliver a green solution with their manufacturing in accordance with Ecophon 3RD Technology. The ceiling systems have at least 70% recycled household glass content in the glass wool while the use of a new plant-based binder replaces the traditional petroleum-based binders. The 50% reduction in the thickness of the system also results in lowered transport volume and weight.

The Ecophon range:

  • Ecophon Master Rigid systems with edges A, E and Dp are locked in the Ecophon Connect grid system, and demountable from below
    • Reduces reverberation and decreases sound levels
  • Ecophon Extra Bass is installed on top of Master Rigid in a U-shape covering approximately 45% of the ceiling, and comes encased in a plastic film for flexibility and easy installation
    • Absorbs the crucial low frequencies and improves speech clarity and listening comfort
  • Ecophon Master Rigid/Gamma, a reflective surface that is part of the ceiling
    • Gives speaker feedback so the teachers do not need to raise their voices to be heard
  • Ecophon wall panels are available in several colours, patterns and surfaces
    • Increases speech clarity and further reduces reverberation
Ecophon ceiling and wall products are available from CSR Ceilector Ceiling Solutions .