Architecture firm HASSELL recently specified Himmel Interior Systems’ products for the new Mental Health Commission Office in Perth, Western Australia.

The new dual level facility brings together the MHC and associated organisations, including the Western Australian Associated for Mental Health (WAAMH), the Western Australian Network of Alcohol & Other Drug Agencies (WANADA), Local Drug Action Groups (LDAG), and the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist (OCP).

Mental health was at the forefront of the design process. HASSELL investigated the true meaning of wellness within the workplace, paying close attention to how the physical environment can enable people to thrive.

Four key interlinked components were implemented:

  • Activity and Movement
  • Choice and Control
  • Identity and Expression
  • Environment

Adam Paikos-Coe, Senior Interior Designer at HASSELL ensured that these four components were the driving force behind the interior of the new facility in an effort to bring life to the workplace and enhance wellbeing. He provided insight into the unique interior, describing the importance of interior design in capturing agile workplace design principles and encouraging movement within the workplace.

Biophilia, an instinctive bond between human being and other living systems also played a part in the project, meaning that HASSELL wanted to use alternative and varying light sources and natural products to improve the wellbeing and workspace environment of employees.

Himmel Interior Systems supplied custom Timber Wedge Panels, Timber Lay-In Panels, and Ceilector Steel Grid in Black to achieve the project goals. The end result is a striking and unique ceiling centerpiece which achieves the delicate balance between HASSELL’s concept and delivery. The willingness to invest in locally manufactured products ensured an incredible custom finish.

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