CSR Fricker Ceiling Systems  has announced that it has been chosen as a distributor for USG Australasia’s (USG) range of mineral fibre acoustic ceiling tiles and steel grid.

USG is a leading global manufacturer of ceiling systems. Combined with the extensive distribution network of CSR, the partnership will mean CSR Fricker Ceiling Systems will be in a position to provide the commercial ceilings market with a wide choice of high quality ceiling products at numerous distribution outlets across the country.

CSR Fricker Ceiling Systems, the specialist ceilings arm of CSR Lightweight Systems, will distribute the products direct to major projects and customers via its dedicated ceilings distribution centres, its extensive network of Gyprock Trade Centres and selected Gyprock Internal Lining Specialists nationwide.

Be it high acoustic Ecophon glasswool, metal ceilings for chilled beam applications, CSR’s E-Net Soloton tile for enhanced wireless connectivity or a broad range of top quality mineral fibre tile, CSR Fricker Ceiling Systems has a trained and dedicated service team that will assist its customers with specification and product selection through to product delivery and installation, if required.

“With the addition of the USG range to CSR’s existing impressive offering, CSR Fricker Ceiling Systems now offers the most extensive range of ceiling products in the Australian market - the right product for every commercial project,” said Michael Fritz, general manager, CSR Fricker Ceiling Systems.

USG believes this partnership will enable its product to become more competitive as a result of becoming more widely available.

“USG wants to offer the best package on the market and is very excited about this new partnership with CSR,” director of USG, David Ross said. “This announcement means we can offer our great quality products to customers through CSR’s reputable distribution network in Australia.”