Eliminating unwanted pests and insects in the garden can often be hard work. But with the right sprayer people can take control of their garden without the hassle of lifting and bending.

Hills Industries  are making it easier for gardeners to avoid and eliminate common garden nasties with their new value-for-money Hills Wheelie Sprayer.

According to Patrick Canny, Product Manager of Hills Industries, most household gardeners want healthy trees and plants all year long.

The garden sprayers, available from Hills Industries, help to get rid of unwanted pests and insects and keep the garden thriving.

A garden sprayer that incorporates wheels and an external pump, the Hills Wheelie Sprayer is suitable for anyone trying to make working in the garden easier.

The addition of handy wheels means that the sprayer is easier to move around, no matter what type of garden surface.

The garden sprayer has an extension lance and long hose that reaches out to three metres in all directions, allowing the user to target the higher and lower areas of the garden.

The external pump lifts the height of the pump handle, so it is suitable for those gardeners who do not want to strain their back and knees.

With its eight litre capacity, the Hills Wheelie Sprayer can be used to hold a broad range of water-based pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

Patrick Canny said the Hills Wheelie Sprayer incorporated a range of features to help get rid of unwanted garden nasties:

External pump

  • No lifting or bending required
  • Can be pumped at standing height

Handy wheels

  • Easy to move around on different types of garden surfaces

Long hose and lance

  • Reaches three metres in all directions
  • Helps to target the higher and lower areas of the garden

Pressure sprayer

  • Offers a stronger and more controlled spray
  • Targets the garden pests head-on

Eight litre capacity

  • Less refills
  • Longer operation time

UV stabilised bottle

  • Built to last in harsh conditions

Comfortable handles

  • Allow to work all day long
  • Provides ease of use

Garden nasties commonly found on backyard trees and plants that can be tackled by the Hills Wheelie Sprayer include:

  • Aphids
  • Black Scale
  • Mealy Bug
  • Citrus Leaf Miner
  • Slugs and Snails

The Hills Wheelie Sprayer is available from all well-known hardware retailers and garden stores. Hills Industries also offer a battery-powered garden sprayer, incorporating a telescopic lance for better reach and allowing up to 15 hours of spraying time.