Hills Industries  is engaged in producing home, hardware and eco products, electronic security and entertainment products and building and industrial products.

Home, hardware and eco products include clothes lines, ironing boards, swings and gyms, laundry, screen doors, gutter protection garden sprayers trampolines, wheelbarrows, ladders temporary fencing etc.

Some of the products under the clothesline product range includes fixed head hoists for larger needs, folding head hoists, retracting clothesline, and folding frame clotheslines. The retracting clothesline is a convenient solution, as it can be mounted wall to post, wall to wall or post to post etc.

Folding frame clotheslines are ideal for apartments, and is available in varying sizes which can be used for outdoors and indoors. Swings, gyms and playing equipment are available in wide range.

Garden sprayers with 5 and 7 litre capacities for spraying pesticides, fertilisers etc. Accessories and spray parts are also available for all type. Screen doors, architerual doors, barrier doors, safe view doors, invisimesh doors and all type of door requirements are available.

Electronic security products and entertainment products like direct alarms, pacific communications, and television antenna are also among the product range of Hills Industries.