Highstyle Roofing  is a complete roofing solutions company. Quality work and customer service are the hallmarks of Highstyle Roofing. Highstyle Roofing has been involved in the execution of a number of projects for the Logan City Council, The Brisbane City Council, as well as a number of south east real estates, property inspectors, building inspectors and for the general public as well.

The services of Highstyle Roofing include a complete range of roofing services. The professional team at Highstyle Roofing ensures that the services and the workmanship provided by them matches with the best in the industry. Some of the services provided by Highstyle Roofing are roof repairs, roof restorations, roof extensions, new roofing, concrete tiles, terracotta tiles, iron and fibro tiles as well as re roofing and gutter cleaning.

Highstyle Roofing is also a licensed asbestos remover in the state of Queensland. Highstyle Roofing is also a member of the Building Services Authority. NUTECH from Highstyle Roofing is a roof paint that enhances the appeal of the tiles on the roof. Ridgebond from Highstyle Roofing is a flexible pointing formula that has an all acrylic binder and is recommended for new roofs and roof refurbishments.