The NUTECH Roof Restoration System from Highstyle Roofing includes specially formulated primers, sealers and top coats for a wide range of roof surfaces, like a master sealer for rough concrete roof tiles; NUPRIME, a thin penetrative primer for oxidised roof tiles.

The NUBOND from Highstyle Roofing is an additive for pointing and bedding mortar. The HYPO from Highstyle Roofing is a moss, lichen, fungus and mould treatment. Highstyle Roofing supplies asbestos primer, for asbestos and cement sheeting,

Metal primers from Highstyle Roofing is an anti corrosion primer for metal and galvanised steel sheeting. The TERRA-GLAZE from Highstyle Roofing comes in clear and pigmented glaze and is used for unglazed terra cotta roof tiles. The ACCOPOL 847 is a solvent based acrylic roof coating from Highstyle Roofing.

The GutterCover from Highstyle Roofing is the solution for keeping gutters free of leaves, twigs and gum nuts. The GutterCover from Highstyle Roofing is manufactured using High Quality UVR treated fibreglass mesh and the unique design of the GutterCover ensures total protection against birds, vermin or debris entering the gutter system. The GutterCover from Highstyle Roofing will protect a building against flooding, bird invasion and fires.

Highstyle Roofing also supplies roofing materials, safety necessities, all fittings and fixtures required for roofs and other services like roof removals and dealing in second hand roof tiles.