Nutech from Highstyle Roofing , helps protect and enhance the appearance of the roof of a building. The Nutech from Highstyle Roofing is a complete roof restoration system for any roof.

Nutech was the outcome of a 25 year research and development program by Highstyle Roofing. Nutech roof coatings are developed to withstand the tough Australian environment while protecting and beautifying the appearance of the house.

Nutech roof coatings from Highstyle Roofing are manufactured from hardy acrylic resins and fade resistant pigments which make the Nutech roof coating extremely durable, flexible and resistant to ultra violet rays of the sun. Nutech roof coatings to provide complete waterproof protection for roofs. Nutech coatings from Highstyle Roofing are also environmentally friendly and appropriate for the collection of drinking water.

The TILEFLEX 2000 from Highstyle Roofing provides superior gloss, comes in exciting colours and provides outstanding durability. The performance of TILEFLEX 2000 has even been certified by independent CSIRO testing. The TILEFLEX 2000 from Highstyle Roofing uses the special properties of Teflon to resist airborne pollution and dirt which discolours and deteriorates conventional roof paints.