High Performance Window Films (HPWF) is a leading commercial window film specialists throughout Australia.

HPWF's primary area of competency is consulting with engineers, architects, interior designers and project and facility managers to provide cost effective solutions for both new and retrofitting applications.

The specialists provide an extensive range of premium quality window films for:
  • Energy management
  • Safety and security
  • Anti-graffiti ;and
  • Decorative and designer applications.

The inspiring window films solutionse from HPWF, including the new Enerlogic® Window Film, can save you money and energy.
Enerlogic Window film is a unique and extremely innovative new glass window film application for both commercial buildings and homes. When applied to conventional glass it perform like double-glazing and cost as little as a quarter of the price.

Designed for both winter and summer climates, Enerlogic Window Film delivers maximum energy efficiency throughout the year and is quick and easy to install, with no frame or glass replacement required.

Enerlogic can add up to ninety-two per cent more insulation to windows, while allowing you to save money and invest in the environment at the same time.

Whether you are looking for the best film to use on a new construction or are interested in retrofitting to an existing building, HPWF have all the solutions.