Hideaway Bins provides versatile options to home or corporate environments for waste handling, recycling or storage.

Hideaway Bins’ waste, recycling and storage ranges have been intelligently designed for ease of use as well as provide a modern appearance in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Durable and practical, Hideaway bins are designed to be mounted at bench height, pulling out for easy access or remaining hidden out of sight when not in use. Floor mount models are also available, providing an under-the-sink solution.

All waste bins come complete with buckets and liner holders to keep the bag in place. Units are easy to clean and maintain, providing a simple solution for storing waste and recycling in the kitchen. A Hideaway bin allows the user to organise recycling or sort clothing in the laundry. They also provide a hygienic solution for disposing of bathroom rubbish, keeping the bin out of sight and off the floor.

Hideaway bins offer a choice of three ranges, each with unique features and in a variety of bucket sizes to meet different requirements.