Effectively designing a bathroom is essential to keeping it clutter and mess free. A wide range of simple and stylish hidden bin options are available from Hideaway Bins by Kitchen King.

These bins easily slide under a vanity, neatly tucked under the bench, and are ideal for storing towels and vanity items.Kitchen King offers a range of storage solutions for bathrooms.

For instance, a 50L bin makes an ideal solution for keep dirty clothes or towels and keeps them hidden away. Alternatively, storage bins provide an excellent place to store clean towels so that they are always within reach.

The Hideaway slide out bins are easy to clean and have tracks made from powder coated steel. This zinc-treated steel is durable and capable of holding up to 40kg across the tracks. These tracks overextend, making removal and replacement of buckets remarkably simple.

Additionally, the Compact comes complete with a perfume sachet that helps to keep nasty odours at bay.

Convenient, strong and tidy, a Hideaway Bin may be what is needed to improve a bathroom.