As part of their range of compact bins, Kitchen King introduces the 15 litre Hideaway compact bin. This bin is 260 mm wide x 310 mm high x 360 mm deep and is ideal to install in areas with limited space. For example in kitchens, bathroom vanities and motor homes.

The 15 litre bucket is arctic white in colour and manufactured from recyclable, food grade polyethylene plastic. It fits a standard sized supermarket shopping bag. The metal gauge has been made from 1.0 mm zinc treated steel which has been powder coated for extra strength and durability. The tracks have ball bearing runners that over extend, allowing the easy removal of the bucket. These tracks have a dynamic weight loading of 40 kilos.

These compact bins all come with a liner holder to hold the bin liner in place and one check-out is included in the mounting panel for a replaceable perfume sachet to aid in controlling any unpleasant odours. The compact bins are top mounted which means that the mounting panel acts as a cover for the bucket.